Intellectual Property Law

As a national law firm, Remenick PLLC has clients throughout North America as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our clients range in size from large, multi-national corporations, to mid-sized and small companies, to universities and institutions, and to new start-ups. The Firm serves all of its clients in all fifty states and all U.S. territories from offices in Washington, DC and Houston, Texas, and works with a network of affiliate law firms in other states and throughout the world. Specializing in promoting high and advanced technologies, Remenick PLLC provides full service to its clients for intellectual property matters including protection and enforcement of patent, trademark, and copyrights in the United States, internationally and throughout the world.

A major focus of the Firm’s work is in the prosecution and enforcement of utility and design patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  Specifically, we are experienced with matters regarding reexamination and reissue of patents, trademark cancellations proceeding, and issues regarding cybersquating and copyright infringement. Another major focus of the Firm’s expertise is in negotiating and licensing new technology whether that be complex telecommunications rights, pharmaceutical products, medical diagnostics, biological-based procedures and materials, Internet-based networked systems, green energy technology, rights to new technology in carbon fiber and nanotube applications, or remediation of hazardous materials.

With a team of lawyers, patent agents and technical specialists, Remenick PLLC focuses on providing integrated and comprehensive representation to its clients. The Firm’s intellectual property practice is designed, not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of its clients whether the issue is protection of intellectual property rights, or the enforcement of those rights through licensing and litigation. The Firm provides all manner of patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution services, plus litigation and litigation support, litigation consulting, intellectual property counseling, intellectual property mining, portfolio management, as well as strategic licensing and negotiating expertise. As a key element to the success of any technology or business is the strategic protection and enforcement of its intellectual property, the Firm brings together individuals with a great deal of experience in different aspects of intellectual property. The Firm’s lawyers and technical specialists hold advanced degrees in biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, software design and development, and medicine, and many individuals have significant industry experience. With the combined skills and experience of its people, the Firm works closely with its client to achieve successful outcomes.

In additional to legal representation, attorneys at Remenick PLLC are also experienced in providing mediation and arbitration services both to small and large companies, institutions, and individuals. Although our attorneys bring a great deal of experience to the room, it is the insight and ability of the Firm’s mediators and arbitrators that can bring a successful resolution to complex and complicated disputes.