Charles Linden Jr

Dr. Linden’s technical expertise is in the area of bioengineering and chemistry with an extensive background in biocompatible tissue adhesives, biomaterials, and advanced technology applications for trauma and critical care. His technical research interests also include non/minimally invasive monitoring, biosensors, decontamination, sterilization, and portable anesthesia equipment design. He also has extensive knowledge of biological and chemical threat procedures and mitigation technologies.

In addition to his technical qualifications, Dr. Linden has comprehensive administrative experience in health care administration, medical logistics, and automation management support, which he gained during his tenure in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. This valuable combination of both technical and administrative expertise gives him a unique ability to understand the complexities of technical business development and program management. His leadership ability is exemplified by his serving over two years in command of the headquarters and student companies at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, followed by another four years of command as the detachment commander of a dental activity at Ft Rucker, Alabama.

His original research as a Senior Staff Scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Division of Surgery, Washington, DC, resulted in patents in the fields of bio-adhesives, life support for trauma and transport and a modular portable emergency treatment facility. In addition, he has obtained patent protection on a radiological/chemical sterilization process. Prior to his retirement from the military, Dr. Linden was assigned as a deputy director for Combat Casualty Care at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command, where his duties included project/program management and participation in many medical program reviews.

Since his retirement from the Army he has continued to expand on his extensive technical abilities and to further develop his business experience, first as a Director of Bio-adhesive Technology for Cryolife™ and later working as a principle partner with Unconventional Concepts®. This has allowed him to focus on the entire spectrum of product development from the initial concept, funding, research, regulatory approval, and intellectual property protection process. Dr. Linden’s breadth of knowledge, leadership ability, speaking skills, and extensive background in both the technical scientific and administrative aspects of product development has established him as a respected facilitator of technology transfer and cooperative research agreements with and between government agencies and industry. He is especially adept and known for his abilities in evaluating companies and technologies from a strategic level and then identifying and targeting specific problems and solutions depending on the requirements. Dr. Linden also sits on the board of directors of SteriFx, a specialty chemical company, which he was instrumental in founding.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Bioengineering Clemson University
Undergraduate degree in Chemistry University of Florida, Gainesville.